Zip line of salt broth

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Zip line of salt broth

If you ride a trapdoor and take yourself to high altitudes, you can also use the unforgettable and exciting entertainment called ZipLine. ZipLine is an exciting entertainment that today has many fans, especially among young people.

How would you feel if you were told to go on an exciting journey that does not require a very good time and can take a week's fatigue out of your body? You will be very happy and surprised.

An exciting sport and recreation that connects to the cable reels on the cable by means of hardships, belts and carbines. It's a very exciting recreation that's a little scary, but all safety checks have been done on the route and cables. If you can overcome your fears and once try the zipper, you will always experience the pleasure and feel of it.

It's so famous that it is less humans in the salt water than it is bored. Watching the lush Alborz mountain range or riding the tallest Iranian cabin and getting out of the jungle. Walking or wandering in the center of shopping and local markets, walking between the 700-year-old boulders and, above all, the weather, can make our mood Much to change.

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