Salt salad

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Salt salad

The first sled in Iran can be found in salt water giving you a different emotion. Ride on the sled, while traveling at a maximum speed of 25 km / h, walk along the path of beautiful trees and sightseeing and enjoy them.

The length of the route is 1250 meters
The maximum height difference from the station is 90 meters
The number of sledges 56
Speed: The maximum speed of 25 km / h - A passenger can use the brake speed
Builder: German Wigand
Installation and assembly: by North and North Construction Company under the supervision of the manufacturer.
Terms of use:

Riding children under the age of five is prohibited.
Riding children from five to ten years with parents (double-seater) is possible.
Adult ride with single ticket is possible.
Stopping or walking is prohibited and dangerous.
Do not recommend using this device for people with heart failure.

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