Peak Dave Bath

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Peak Dave Bath

The summit with natural caves, located 700 meters above sea level, creates a memorable memorable experience for travelers with the right amenities along with a unique view.

In the summit, overlooking the end of the line of two telecabinets, four geological phenomena, according to the history of mythology of Iran, attracted the attention of the experts, who first had their own pit of shower-baths, which in fact was an extraordinary geological phenomenon in the form of a pit The walls are perfectly flat and vertical with white rocks and moss covered with a diameter of 35 meters, a depth of 30 meters, which, according to local legends, is similar to the one for the bathtub of Mazandaran, and its characteristics indicate that this geological phenomenon of erosion Not continuous.

This large hole, which is covered with well-rounded verticals by trees and many trees, is very expensive for old baths, and many rocks with a variety of shapes and unique moss, along with beautiful holes There are many mythological stories and myths in the area.

The existence of vertical wells with high depths that lead to attractive and beautiful horizontal caves in terms of geological phenomena and open to the mythical myths of Iran from the capacity to adapt to the fairy tale of the well or a place to travel to the land of the feathers This is also the case.

A collection of white and bony beautiful rocky cliffs located in the southwestern part of the hole or the hollow of the vault of the bathhouse, and which is a result of atmospheric erosion with a visual disregard for the statuettes of the rider, and the ability to simulate with the legend of the stone castle The story of the conversion of Malik Fereydoun's troops to the stone is also due to the charm of Dave's steel armor.

In the Shahnameh of Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi, after passing from the seventh curtain, he goes to the battle of Akan Dave, the area where this incident and the quarrel occurred in the history of the ancient writings and ancient stories definitely were somewhere in Mazandaran. It is not only a forested area with rocks hard and covered with trees and green groves, but also adjacent to the sea. Since in the battle of Rustam and Akan Dave Rustam was thrown down the mountain and falling into the sea, and the Mala and the place of the Dew were a huge hole on the mountain's high point, through the caverns of the waters there. Verify this.

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