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General Population and Housing 1395) Damavand Peak is the highest peak of Iran in Mazandaran and in Amol city. This province is one of the most populous regions of Iran in terms of population density. The province has 22 counties. The center of this province is Sari. The city of Sari is also the former capital of Iran, and Amol has been in the distant past, and Babylon in the Afshariyah, Zandieh and mid-Qajar ages, Mazandaran. The Olympic athletes (Imam Ali Habibi, Abdollah Movahed, Hossein Tavakoli, Behdad Salimi, Ghasem Rezaei, Hasan Yazdani) won 6 gold medals for Iran. Mazandaran has an area equal to 1. 46 percent of Iran, but its location on the southern coast of the world's largest lake, called the Sea of ​​Mazandaran, and its neighbors with the four coastal countries of the sea, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan, on the one hand, and located in The northern metropolis of Tehran (the capital of Iran), on the other hand, has made it possible to achieve a strategic geographic location. Marine transportation rates with neighboring countries through the special economic zone and the old port of Nowshahr, and the new special economic zone of Amir Abad in Behshahr, and the waterfront and the Neka oil platform in eastern Mazandaran, connecting it to the railway network, the existence of international airports at Dasht-e-Naz Airport (Sari), Nowshahr (the oldest Mazandaran airport) and Ramsar, having three links with the province of Tehran, and investing in a construction project on the highway of Tehran North (Noshahr) with the possibility of quick access with a short distance of 120 km. Tehran Mazandaran, International Fiber Optic Line, High Voltage Communication Network He has provided extensive services on the north-south corridor of Helsinki (Finland), to the port of Lavan (Russia) to the Caspian Sea, and also the two international routes of Heraz and Sabadak in the province have caused a lot of traffic.

The city of Amol is located in the center of Mazandaran province, north of Mahmoudabad city, northeast to Fereydunkenar city, east to Babylon, west to Noor city and south to Tehran province. The city ...

Nowshaher is one of the cities of Mazandaran province of Iran. The city of Noshahr is the center of the city of Noshahr in Mazandaran province. According to the census of 1390, the population of this

Mahmoudabad (Persian: محمودآباد‎, also Romanized as Maḩmūdābād)[1] is a city in and the capital of Mahmoudabad County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. It is located on the Caspian Sea. At the 2006 ce

Sorkhroud is one of the cities of Mazandaran province of Iran. This city is the center of Sarakhroud district of Mahmoudabad city. The native population of this city (Weft A) is about twelve thousand


Sari is of special importance because of being located on the highway, the east-east link to the center of Iran. This city ends from the north to the Caspian Sea and fruit gardens, and from the south

Babolsar is one of the cities of Mazandaran province, in northern Iran, between the Mazandaran Sea and the Alborz Mountain Range. This city is the capital city of Babolsar. The city has 124,323 inhabi

Ramsar (Persian: رامسر‎, also Romanized as Rāmsar and Rānsar; formerly, Sakht Sar)[1] is the capital of Ramsar County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. In 2012 its population was 33,018, in 9,421 families. ...

In general, the southern part of the Caspian Sea has been far from great political, historical and military significance from the past. The exploration and exploration of the Caspian coastline in plac

Royan is the new name of Alamdeh, one of the cities of Mazandaran province of Iran, located in the west of the province and on the outskirts of the Caspian Sea and is located between the cities of Noo

Shahsavar is located on the coast of the southern Caspian Sea, 257 kilometres (160 mi) north of Tehran, between Ramsar and Chaloos. At the 2006 census, its population was 43,128, in 13,087 families.Th

Savadkuh County (also Savadkooh and Savadkouh)(Persian: Ŝahrestāne Sawādkuh‎) is a county in Mazandaran Province in Iran. . The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Shirga


Nur County (Persian: شهرستان نور‎) is a county in Mazandaran Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Nur. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 104,807, in 27,699 families.

Chamestan (Persian: چمستان‎, also Romanized as Chamestān and Chomastan) is a city and capital of Chamestan District of Nur County, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Fereydunkenar County (Persian: شهرستان فریدونکنار‎) is a county in Mazandaran Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Fereydunkenar....

Kelardasht is a city and capital of Kelardasht District, in Chalus County, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Chalus is a city in Mazandaran Province in north of Iran. It serves as the county seat for Chalus County.

Neka County (Persian: شهرستان نکا‎) is a county in Mazandaran Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Neka.

Zirab (Persian: زیرآب‎, also Romanized as Zīr Āb)[1] is a city and capital of Savadkuh County, Mazandaran Province, Iran

The children's play park includes the swinging slides located near the Izdeshahr Sea Narenjestan Park, located in the eastern part of Izadshahr Paradise in the western part of Izdeshahr

The tourist city of Namak Abrud, located 12 kilometers west of Chalous, covers part of the area with an approximate area of ​​650 hectares. The northern boundary of these lands has been formed by the