Galicia Tourism

Galicash is a city in the central part of its capital, Golestan province, Iran. This city is located in the central part of the city of Galicash on the highway of Tehran - Mashhad. Golestan National Park is 15 km from Galiche and Kiaram Cave.

Galicash is one of the cities of Golestan province in northern Iran. The city of Galicash was established in 2010. The center of this city is the city of Galicia. Galicia County was once a part of Minoodasht County in Golestan Province. Which was promoted to the Independent Shahrestānin in 1389. This city is located between Golestan province and Minoodasht and Kalaleh on Mazandaran-Khorasan transit road. It is part of the Golestan National Park and the Loeh Falls in the city. The center of this city is the city of Galicia. According to the general population and housing survey in Galilee, the population of the city in 2011 was 59,975.

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