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General Population and Housing 1395) Damavand Peak is the highest peak of Iran in Mazandaran and in Amol city. This province is one of the most populous regions of Iran in terms of population density.

Gilan includes the western end of the Alborz mountain range and the western part of Iran's Caspian margin. The deep white river valley breaks the mountain belt between Manjil and Imamzadeh Hashem. In

Golestan province is one of the northern provinces of Iran. The center of this province is Gorgan. Golestan is the new name of the historical land known as the Astarabad in the history of the seventh

Hormozgan province is one of the southern provinces of Iran , located in the north of the Strait of Hormuz. Hormozgan province is located between the geographical coordinates of 25 degrees 24 minut

The largest city and capital of Iran is the capital of Tehran province and the city of Tehran. According to the census of 1395, the population of Tehran is 8, 693, 706 and an area of 574 square kilome

Fars province is one of the provinces of Iran located in the southern part of the country. The weather of Fars province in different parts of the province is divided into three mountainous, temperate

The center of this province is Ardabil city and according to the latest divisions of the country, it includes 10 cities, 25 divisions, 21 cities and 66 rural districts. On December 22, 1992, the bill

The province covers an area of 105, 937 square kilometers between 30 degrees 43 minutes to 34 degrees and 27 minutes north latitude, 49 degrees and 36 minutes to 55 degrees, 31 minutes east of the Gre

Khorasan Razavi province is one of the provinces of Khorasan in the northeast of Iran, central to Mashhad. The province's area is 118, 854 square kilometers, which is the fifth largest province in the

Turkey, like the Iranians, is very important to the family and goes to each other whenever possible. These visits will certainly take place on Eyd al-Adha and Eyd al-Fetr, the largest holiday in the T