Coastal Villa Code 1526 Doublex Coastal Villa in Sorkhrud

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If you are looking for a villa in a great location close to the Caspian coast, this villa can attract your attention. This is a privileged property in a villa with a view of the beach, a short distance from the sea, a beautiful courtyard with greenery and arboretum, beautiful interior design with furnished rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The villa is located in a beautifully landscaped town with 6 villas, with permanent security.

Full mortgage: 8,333 dollor
مهدی چمنی
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  • code: 1526
  • Area: 550 cube meter
  • Fundation : 180 cube meter
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Expert Review AsaSara

This villa is located inside a main town in the famous Sar-e Khord sea area, for renting for Azizi's travelers who want to stay in the northern coast of Mazandaran province. The village has a warm and intimate atmosphere and consists of 6 villas, which are in good condition in terms of security by being permanently guarded. The distance between the villa and the beach is only 250 meters. You can easily walk through this distance and come back home again.


The land area of ​​the villa is 550 square meters and its duplex building is 180 square meters. The interior of the villa consists of 3 bedrooms, a large lounge and a kitchen. Of the 3 roomed rooms, 1 villa on the lower floor and the other two on the top floor. A service and a bathroom on the top floor and a service and a bathroom on the top floor. The advantages of the villa are furnished with the furniture needed for living. Double sofa beds, double sofa beds, desks and chairs, and an audio and video broadcast system ... is an example of this equipment. It should be noted that the building cooling system is provided through 5 split air coolers and heating through a radiator package as well as a beautiful wall fireplace. The ceiling of the ceramic house and the high ceilings of the house are made both with wood and with plaster. Lighting It is also done through chandeliers hanging from them. MDF cabinets are in use in the kitchen, and there is also a hood, a desk and refrigerator. The villa has an influential masterpiece, which brings a relaxed atmosphere to spend the leisure time of the residents.

The villa's large courtyard is another positive feature of it. Right on the front of the porch is a garden where the lawn is made. Plentiful vegetation has been planted from trees and flowers and decorative plants and other specimens. Next to this green space, a barbecue alder has been provided for relaxing moments for the rest and well-being of the residents.

  • green space
  • Altar
  • interior design
  • furnished
  • Close to the sea
  • No vision of the sea
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  • Location
  • Visibility to the surrounding nature
  • Yarding
  • View
  • Interior design

Coastal Villa Code 1526 Villa Coastal Doublex in Sorkhrud

Base Info
  • Internet
  • Watchman
  • Network Coverage
Tech Info
  • Elevator
  • Video Door Phone
  • Security Alarm
  • CCTV
  • Firefighting System
  • Security Door
  • Emergency Exit
  • Heating
  • Cooling System
Interior Info
  • W.C
  • Bathroom
  • Tub
  • Toilet
  • Furnished
  • Wall Closet
  • Fireplace
  • Ceiling
  • Interior Lighting
Exterior Info
  • Alcove
  • Roof Top
  • Parking Capacity
  • Barbecue
  • Terrace
  • Warehouse
  • Parking Door
  • Exterior Wall
    Stone facade
Yard Landscaping
  • Alcove
  • Yard Floor
  • Fruit tree
  • Decorative trees
  • Fountain
  • Garden
  • Kitchen Hood
  • Mobshah
  • Kitchen Island
  • Cabinet Type
  • Oven
  • Sync
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lobby
  • Children's Park Game
  • Roof Garden
  • Artificial Grass
Geo Location
  • Distance from Main road
    800 Meter
  • Distant from Forest
    15000 Meter
  • Distant from Sea
    250 Meter
  • Distant from Town
    2500 Meter
  • Distant from Mountains
    20000 Meter
  • Distant from Clinic
    2000 Meter
  • Distant from Police Station
    3000 Meter

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    Should I call the phone number?

    Answer: Yes

    Do you have any discounts?

    Answer: Depending on the representative, the discount will be announced on most of the site itself.

    Is this villa safe?

    Answer: All of our agents are reviewed and approved by Asasara.

    Do you need a national card for rent?

    Answer: Representatives are required to give you a number of ID cards to the villa, and necessarily the national card is one of the options.

    Is it possible to pay the amount at the end of the daily rent?

    Answer: Unfortunately, this is not possible and should be paid at the beginning of the daily rent.

    Is mortgages and rentals exactly the same?

    Answer: The prices charged for mortgages and leases are at best possible by the agent, which can be changed at the time of the contract or the call, and not a concern.

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