Forest Land Code 1323 Residential Complex Ground in Nowshahr

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A suitable villa land is located inside a town in the Waziyar area of Noshahr in Mazandaran province. The Waziar region is one of the best villagers due to its special location, located between the mountains and the sea. From here, one can see the concurrency from both, while providing easy access to the nature of the forest and the seafront.

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زهرا صالحانی
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  • code: 1323
  • Area: 300 cube meter
  • Fundation : 300 cube meter
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If you decide to build a villa close to the nature of the northern forest, and looking for the right land for the villa, we will draw your attention to this beautiful plot of land. The land inside the residential building is under construction, without any restrictions, and having a six-dong ownership certificate and a construction permit, is ready for delivery. The cost of each meter of the land is 700 thousand tomans to the top, which is based on a total area of ​​300 meters of land, the total price is equal to 210 million USD, which is considered as the appropriate price according to the location of the land, as described below. To come

This land is located inside a town in one of the best villages between Royan and Noshahr, Vasyvar Region. The location of the villa is one of the most promising points due to its proximity to the sea, the forest and the main road. The ground is located on the forest floor and is the only distance from this nature, so that by walking within 1 minute, this nature can be reached, so a great view can be gained from this nature from here. Of course, from the north you can see the beach and the sea, because the area is between the sea and the forest, the distance between the town and the sea, as the distance to the forest is under one minute, so the villa that In this place, there is a simple access to the landscape of both nature, this is also true of the main road, which can easily be accessed by shops and recreation and tourism cruises along the border.

  • Close to the forest
  • Close to the sea
  • A view of the sea and the forest
  • Landscaping of the town
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  • Access to the sea
  • Access to the forest
  • Visibility to the surrounding nature
  • Value of purchase

Forest Land Code 1323 Ground Complex Residential in Nowshahr

Base Info
  • Water Meter
  • Power Meter
  • Gasometer
  • TELL
  • Internet
  • Watchman
  • Network Coverage
  • Build Licence
  • Ownership Document
Geo Location
  • Distance from Main road
    100 Meter
  • Distant from Sea
    200 Meter
  • Distant from Town
    500 Meter
  • Property Location
Yard Landscaping
  • Fruit tree
  • Decorative trees

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