Be careful when buying a property !

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Be careful when buying a property !

Houses adjacent to highways and main streets face the problem of noise pollution.
The status of a building's buildings is a reflection of the culture of the inhabitants of that building.
It is better not to enclose entrance doors of the units in each floor.
The higher the entrance width of the building is, the better (at least 110 centimeters).
The width of the walkway is greater, the better (at least 90 centimeters).
The interior architecture of the unit (lighting, service, bedroom, kitchen, hall, catering, etc.) is so important that it is better to have this
Consult an expert with an expert.
Often, the higher the unit is, the better (with the exception of the last floor).
Parking location is especially important for women.
Check out the daily necessities (bakery, fruit, supermarkets, etc.).
The lower the entrance to the parking lot is better.
Visit the unit in two different light and night time periods (night and day).
It is important to have a parking space for an extra car or a guest.
The presence of balconies is one of the things that day by day, you will find out more about its significance.
A warehouse is one of the privileges of a residential home.
The facade of the building is the first thing to look at. The facade of the building must have durability and beauty together.
Check the safety tips for splices and electrical installations, gas and water in the building.
Pay attention to the quality and pressure of water.
Check the size and quality of the lift.
Pay attention to the quality of wiring and plumbing water and gas.
Check out waste disposal methods by shunting or caretakers.
Check the quality of the entrance, exit and interior doors.
Building insulation (moisture, heat, and sound) is very important.
Control the quality of the building's cooling and heating system.
Check the building safety against the fire.
The strength of the building structure is very important.
Pay attention to the volume of traffic and traffic.
Consider the access to the main highway and street.
Check out the traffic plan and the paired and individual plan.
Local research to ensure neighborhood and building safety.
Check the location of the building with the city fault map.
The land unit is very important for the residential unit.
The age of the building is important.
Check the monthly charge.
Having a separate meter for each unit's water and gas has a great advantage.
The number of units per floor is lower, the better.
The better the width of the alley is, the better.
Neighborhood with schools, government buildings, police stations, doctors' buildings, commercial complexes, institutions, companies, hospitals, hotels ... is a major disadvantage for residential units.
Purchasing housing in towers and residential settlements has its own disadvantages and advantages, depending on the purchaser's taste and wishes.
The price of non-registered cooperative property is at least 10% lower than similar properties.
Buy and sell in real estate consultants.
You must pay the commission fee according to the official tariff and be sure to get a receipt.
Real estate consultants do not have the right to hold your documents (if it is stipulated, your documents will remain with the property consultant, be sure to arrive, signed by the firm manager).
Reading all the terms of the contract is your right. Make sure you use this right (especially those that are included in the listing details by estate advisers).
When trading, leave the balance completely.
Make clear the payment process to the seller.
Make sure that the seller's identity card and seller's identity card are authentic.
Writing a perfect contract is the most important part of a deal. If necessary, use a trusted solicitor at the bottom of the deal (most of the country's judicial records are civilian).
If the transaction is inherited, the presence of all inheritance is required in accordance with the certificate of monopoly of the succession (or creditor's credentials to one person).
In the north of the country, pay attention to the property that is specified in the document.
In the north, especially in the villa, pay careful attention to the council documents.
Pay attention to the pillars of villas in the north of the country.


Alaska real estate market prediction in the summer

It is expected that by the end of the summer small towns will see rising rent and sale at higher prices and in big cities due to a lack of balance between supply and demand and a reduction in bank interest, as well as rising housing prices, we will see an increase in housing rental rates.
Of course, the increase in rental rates will be up to a maximum of 10% and in accordance with inflation, not in all major cities, but in the context of lower balances between supply and demand.
The mental and physical environment of the mortgage and leasing market should be controlled, so unprofessional and non-professional individuals should not comment on non-expert opinion, and market renters should not raise their interest rates as unofficial and non-financial classes, as official proclamations, in order to make the rental market pay-per-view Psychologically controlled and managed to grow in rent-to-capital markets in the big cities.

Mr.Ghorbani- Autumn 97

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