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Meanings of the city

occasion = Special conditions; Exceptional special.

Pronunciation in English is "occasion" and in French is "Akación".
Meaning: timely, case, case, right opportunity, position, accident, cause, prompt;
Salary: time, opportunity, necessity, cause, causes, cause, cause, provision.

In fact, what property can the name "Akagiz" be attributed to?

Aquarius is a word that you will hear from many of the villa or apartment sellers these days! This term is very common in the property and building industry, and it can be interpreted differently. Contrary to the general impression, the Akaiyin is said to be a low-cost civilian! But in today's story, we want to explain to you what the term Akāyiz is used for what kind of property is used.

Property prices

If the property you intend to deal with is about % 16 to 29 percent of the price of the day, it can be considered Akanyon.

Excessive amount of property

When the transaction unit has a lot of land, the property will be considered as an asset. For example, a 100-meter apartment located on a 600-meter-long, 4-unit land will have a high ground floor space.
The quality and amount of communications intended for the building

The building, which has excellent quality and high quality, is considered as an ecosystem. This type of facilities, such as a large and stylish lobby, tennis court, basketball, swimming pool and sauna and gym, extra parking, large storage, courtyard and large patio.

Structural quality

The type and quality of the structure of the building is also characterized by the fact that it is an architectural monument, that the building has a unique view and landscape, a modern execution plan, a well-known architect design, proper division of spaces and the use of appropriate materials of high quality.
The location of a regional property with a low population density and more than per capita facilities will lead to the property becoming acacious.

Proper facilities and payment terms

Another condition for the property is the seller's flexibility in obtaining the property for installment or exchange of cars and other real estate and having low interest loans.

Existence of special neighbors in the property

The presence of neighbors with a financial, belief, and social class with you and the building with integrated and systematic management reduces the risk of apartment problems; therefore, the building that has the terms is said to be in the so-called Ecosystem.

Special buildings

Special buildings are generally representative of the presence of everyone! Buildings such as the roofs of Niavaran 1, 2, and 3, ASP buildings, Tehran Tower, Shahgoli and ... are examples of special buildings, all of which are fully developed.

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