Free registration of real estate adverts

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Free registration of real estate adverts

Do not be tired and tired of serving all your coworkers

The team of ASASARA intends to place all parts of the site for a limited period of one year at no cost to you for its start-up.


  • Real estate sales

Please use the correct information to insert in multiple languages for the purpose of providing the property with high and correct photos horizontally and in order to write content in several languages. All price announcements on your behalf are well-known and use better information for sale.


  • Real Estate Rentals

You can add your rental properties to your daily, monthly, annual, full mortgage, mortgage, and rental properties. Please note that if an explanation of the purpose of the rental property is to be inserted, we must provide sufficient explanation when adding property to our experts.

To insert the property, you must pass the analysis of the Asasara content filter as you analyze and write the description that will be displayed in your user profile.

For your convenience, your loved ones have an app at the bottom of the site that you can easily use to send and search and display the file.

Just sign up once a site or app to open all the site options. (Icons for installing the ASASARA app at the bottom of the site)


  • Tourism

Also keep in mind that if you are not on the Asasara site, a tourist or sightseeing attraction from your city or region, you can easily insert the panel that you have.


  • critics and suggestions

For questions or criticism or suggestion in the "Ticket" section of your registration panel, AsaSara's experts are responsible for your 24-hour period.

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