Hired programmer in northern Iran

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Hired programmer in northern Iran

The AsaSara team is fundamentally agile and fresh, has a special attitude to how the activities are carried out and, above all, a great environment for the growth of the Tunisians. We learn continuously.

As you know, there is no end to the programming world and every day new content and new updates to the sources can be presented and Pedr is much easier to learn and navigate forward.
We are now looking to expand our skills by completing our high-level, disciplined, and talented forces.

General skills

Interested in teamwork that is the most important pillar of the foundation
Creative and talented
Committed to work
Interested in learning new technologies
Challenging and eager to solve the problem
The ability to learn self-learning

special skills

Familiarity with the principles of the Web App Design. Getting familiar with ES6, Javascript
Familiar with html5, css3, bootsrap4
Familiarity with React-js, Vue-js
Familiar with Flux and its various implementations such as Redux
Familiar with Restfull API, Json API and how to communicate with them
Introduction to Data Modeling and its various implementation methods
Familiar with the Laravel Framework
English fluency in fluency
Mastering SEO techniques and tools
The ability to provide documentation through Code Comment

Learning Skills



Content writer


Proper expression
Literature and writing correct
Introduction to SEO rules
Understand the rules
Commitment to work
fast and correct typing



Age and education for aspartame is not important.

So, each of the above items for programming (3 people) or site design (4 people) or SEO (2 people) or content (5 people), our team will welcome you openly.

The user should be familiar with the GIT.



IT Asasara Team

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