the infrastructure of the asasara website is such that it provides the full cycle of the assets and life in a property; from buy to sell, rent, investment and other options which are considered for future. in asasara you can be informed of the price of properties at diffrent monthes in a year and by gainning such a knowledge you may be able to decide to purchase in the most suited situation. also, you can add diffrent estates to your intrested list to get informed of the price changes, discounts and special offers.

Asasara's team started its work from the villas of Shomal

The startup idea was to gather an inclusive database of diffrent types of villas; such as coastal estates, forest estates and foothill estates, along side with our critics review and well-taken photos to provide our cutomers the vast variety of choices. since our team members live in Mazandaran province, we utilized some of our their experience in this field of work to implement with diligence and self-confidence, what is before you. with the beginning of the proccess and extension of our ideas, it has been decided not to only restrict ourselves to villas and cover all the estates in the country, from north to south and east to west. also, we included exterritorial tourism; therefore, we spent thorough time and energy for the design of the english version of the website. by the rise of this idea, tourism section of the website started its work for people to could get information about the Neighborhood they are going to live in.

  • Cooperation of domestic tourists

    The place which we call "home" is not only dedicated to building matters but, its about living in a specific place such as neighborhood, nature and landscapes

    Passion and morale

    Passion and high morale in asasara's team has made us to tranform from a simple real estate website into what it has become now before your eyes

    Customer oriented

    Every prosperous business owes its prosperity to the trust of its customers. therefor, Asasara based its priorities on customers satisfaction.

    the friendly environment of Asasara

    The friendly environment of Asasara caused the team to share their ideas comfortably and everyone is putting all the effort for getting result out of others ideas


    Asasara's experts are looking forward to provide and deliver various informtions about the specifications of the estates and buildings and also the tourism of the diffrent cities of the country.

    New ideas

    being up to date and active in new emerging areas in technology is another specification of our team members

    Cooperation of domestic tourists

    Asasara's experts have the responsibility to review every estate by many years of experience and a good writing ability. its our job to deliver every details with the simplest language possible for you to make the best possible choices